Usually you have many programs and systems to record time, tasks, offers, invoices, customers, employees and equipment at the customers, and this can only cause confusion. With Macali-Autotask you get an industry solution that works and saves you time.
Macali-Autotask is a tool that IT vendors use to manage their employees’ doings and loads at customers as well as data and invoices.
We handle all the data you have in Business Central in Autotask, so you have everything in one system for registration and handling.

With Macali-Autotask you get a system that gives you a complete overview of everything that goes on in your business. You should not sit and manage one customer management program, another billing program, and one third for employees. Autotask gathers it all in one system, so you are always up to date, can make better reports and make better decisions.

You get:

  • Easy and fast handling, free online synchronization between customers, resources, employees, invoices, tasks etc.
  • You do not need additional training in the system, you can use your regular work routine as you will not have to familiarize yourself with a new system
  • The same data everywhere
  • Free custom areas
  • And much more …

Macali Apps are downloaded from Microsoft AppSource

Video introduction to Macali-Autotask (UK)